Dec 18, 2010

Christmas Surgery

Everyone keeps asking me why so close to Christmas for my surgery but my thought is- NO kids, DRUGS and an on call nurse- WHY NOT!?!?!

On a serious note my children are going to my MIL's for a week, I am sick to my stomach and wish someone would BEG to stay home so I could give in and say yes, but alas that isn't happening so far!

Christmas Surgery

Everyone keeps asking me why so close to Christmas for my surgery but my thought is- NO kids, DRUGS and an on call nurse- WHY NOT!?!?!

Dec 13, 2010

Apology Accepted

So, I have a teenager, some days that is a job in and of itself. Well, this morning he put on his "running shoes" and took off full speed. Attitude was flying all around, hit me in the face and got all over my shirt, well some of it hit Bryan too and that was the end of it. He grounded the child from his computer *gasp* and then when I couldn't take it anymore I took the phone, I know, I am the WORST mother ever!!!!

Well, when he got home from school he informed me that he was indeed being a butt head this morning and that he was sorry. Yes, I gave him the phone back. I am a sucker and to hear that you are right from a teenager for the 1st time ever is like calgon taking you away!!!!

Sweet Victory!

Dec 11, 2010

To busy to be sick

Quinny and WCS football boys praying before a game, there are some wonderful benefits to private school!

Kater and Kelby in the Football spirit! Kater in her WCS cheerleading outfit and Kelby in his football uniform heading to the last game of the season!

Happy Halloween!

Kelby had 3 teeth pulled, ouch, that was a ROUGH day for both of us!

Almost 4 photo shoot!

I have a million things to do next and Kater and I are getting sick!!!! I don't have time for this and I told the little germs this but they listen like my kids do!

So, Christmas is all around us. You can never be done at Christmas time. I have bought all of Kater, Quinton, Kelby, Kason, Nephews and Nieces, and Dad's presents and you would think I would be done, but no! I have to get paper goods and a puzzle for kid's parties, presents for my students, mom, sister, and brother in law. I have to make cookies, a ginger bread house, I have 2 Christmas plays, 2 dance recitals, 6 Christmas parties and drop off 4 kids in 2 different towns 6 hours apart, all in the next week!!!! I am not complaining at all, I love every minute of it I just can't believe how busy 1 tiny week can be!!

On another note, my sweet girl is going to be 4 soon, my baby, 4. How sad am I!

Dec 2, 2010

New Goal

My new goal is to start blogging again. Time is NOT on my side though. I have nothing witty or interesting to say so not sure what the point is but I am going to try. I have started working again. I am teaching preschool (2 yr olds) and my kids are great!

Kater is in preschool this year too and WHOA that went just like I thought it would. She is doing much better now though. She is one of the best kids her teacher says and catches on quickly to what she is teaching. She hates to miss school cause she misses her friends! She is also dancing again this year and doing great!

Kelby is in 1st grade!!!!!!! He had to have a couple teeth pulled but did great and now has no teeth left! He is an avid reader and one of the best in his class (SHOCKING). I didn't think he would ever like to read. He played soccer this year and was great at it, he played Goalie most of the time. He can't wait for basketball and baseball to get here!

Kason is in the 4th grade and his teacher has once again fallen in love with him! He is so funny! They are doing a lot of hands on things this year and Kason loves that! He played soccer as well and will be playing basketball!

Quinton has moved back home with us and we are so happy about that! He is a sophmore and studying to get his learners permit! I can't believe that! He played football this year, well sorta, he broke his foot and didn't get to play much! He is on the basketball team too, he is doing well and he is better then he thought he would be.

Well, I will add some pictures later. I just wanted to update from 6m ago!

Jun 1, 2010

We went fishing and caught a MILLION fish!!!
Baseball season is almost over!!!
Ahhhhhhhh camping is so much fun!
Kason at the talent show at school!
I love this kid and all her faces!

May 24, 2010

New Pics

And of course soccer!
Kater's dance recital!

Quinny was in a play!

Is that Elvis?!?!

Kater got her hair cut off!

At the Ocean!!! She loved it!

Happy Easter! Kason was at LTC so he wasn't in the pic!

I got glasses!

Here is Kason at the Zoo!

Kater dancing for the babes!

I thought to catch up I would just post some new pics. I have been awful about keeping this up!